Lo Spazio Massima – Maximal Space


Lo Spazio Massima. is the room which ideally matches the widely open space of the park lot. It can serve both as an exhibition and a small concert hall in case of bad weather. Three glass walls let the maximum amount of light, and allow further observation of the nature. A spacious roof shelters air-conditioned rooms from the noon heat.

View from the human perspective (Widok z perspektywy człowieka)Aerial view (Widok z lotu ptaka)Cross sections and plan (Przekroje i rzut)

The building construction has solid supports made of prefabricated prestressed concrete, embedded in wide foundation. The rest of the building is based on a separate foundation board. The roof is formed by a light case propped by steel truss/lattice suspended from prestressed concrete suports.

The lower rear wall is an extension of the light roof, reaching the ground. The other three glass walls, bending at10 degrees are constructed in the post and beam technology.

The main entrance to the hall is formed by automatically pull-out door with the air curtain in the central part of the façade.

  • Name: Lo Spazio Massima
  • Building type: Public